About Us

ZenSpace is revolutionizing the way traveling sales professionals, entrepreneurs, flexible workers, and freelancers run their meetings while on the go. We bring Users and Space Providers (we call them ZenSpace Host) into a single marketplace and closing the transaction.

ZenSpace is a Silicon Valley-based startup that provides on-demand smart meeting rooms to sales professionals, entrepreneurs, flexible workers, and freelancers. The company was founded by a group of business professionals out of their need for a private meeting room in the downtown area while traveling on business. ZenSpace has developed a web-based as well as mobile app marketplace that brings users and the hosts (Space providers) onto ZenSpace marketplace and help them with search and booking of a meeting place while on the go.

How do users benefit

ZenSpace users enjoy uninterrupted business continuity and world-class user experience including search, booking, payment, and billing /payments on real-time via website & mobile app.

How do our Hosts benefit?

ZenSpace gives retail business owners (hosts) the chance to offer their customers something extra, giving you the edge over competitors. Additionally, a ZenSpace host has an opportunity to merchandise /cross-sell core products /services and generate additional revenue opportunities.

Want to learn more?

Please write to info@zenspace.io or call us on +1 408 462 2167

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